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Over the course of many years of research, combined with a desire to deliver the best in health and wellness products, Herbalness’s professional team is using their knowledge to share these benefits with everyone. Our products are certified for organic production and have gone through rigorous examinations to meet the highest standard of quality.



It is with great pleasure that Herbalness’s EffiScience Therapy products have been backed by an experienced team of researchers to help bring quality dietary supplements to our customers. We value your patronage and have the utmost confidence that our supplements will help support your overall wellness for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Bruno Ackenine • Founder



Herbalness’s USA-based dietary supplements manufacturer is FDA registered with cGMP. We’ve taken great care in choosing our manufacturer and have taken many precautions to ensure all products meet the highest standards of quality. Each vendor utilized is also thoroughly vetted prior to becoming an approved supplier. This product is a direct reflection of our business, which is why we provide a transparent formulation

All of our dietary supplements are carefully monitored by our skilled QC team over the course of its production. This is in large part to the multiple methods of testing and quality control we employ during and after the manufacturing process. Our manufacturer’s quality control includes in-house microbial testing, along with employing an FTIR machine for raw material identity testing. Third party analysis, including stability and heavy metal testing, is also available. We have all the necessary documentation detailing product analysis and purity. Herbalness’s dietary supplement products are manufactured with complete precision to assure top-quality nutraceuticals.

Our products are NSF certified, which means we’ve met and will continue to meet their strict standards and procedures. Extensive product testing, material analyses, and unannounced inspections are implemented in order to earn this certification. Herbalness takes great pride in this listing and will remain diligent in delivering best practices to their customers.