Understanding Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is a household name popular during this Covid-19 period. It is an essential nutrient outsourced by the body. It is found in varieties of fruits and vegetables including:

  • Citrus: lemon, lime grapefruit, oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Bell peppers
  • Kales
  • Spinach

Similar to other nutritional ingredients, vitamin C is famous for the following reasons:

  • Antioxidant: It defends the body against harmful free radicals
  • Dealing and prevention of high blood pressure: Due to dietary compromise and other aspects, high blood pressure is on the rise today. It is one of the non-communicable diseases that is fatally affecting people of all ages. Sufficient intake of vitamin c can be beneficial in dealing with and reducing the chances of high blood pressure.
  • Absorption of iron: Vitamins work in conjunction with essential minerals. Vitamin c can increase the absorption of iron which is a core component of the red blood cells.
  • Immunity: Generally, all vitamins are necessary for building the body’s defense system. Vitamin c in particular can help in fortifying white blood cells and platelets.

This means that taking foods and drinks filled with vitamin c is a thumbs up. Still, that may not be sufficient for the body at times. It is therefore important to consider taking natural vitamin c supplements. It can be a nice vitamin booster for those who are:

  • Smokers: Smoking reduces the levels of vitamin c in the body. Taking supplements to help in balancing vitamin c levels has been highly recommended for smokers.
  • Vegans and vegetarians: If some iron-packed foods such as meat and livers are out of consideration, you are solely depending on iron-rich plant products. You can fill in on natural vitamin c supplements to help in the great absorption of iron from these foods.

According to the NIH chart category, adults can benefit from vitamin c intake in the following proportions:

  • Adult women: 75mg
  • Adult men: 90mg
  • Pregnant women: 85mg

Today there are different forms of these particular supplements. Many people use regular vitamin c supplements whilst others prefer using other forms such as liposomal vitamin c1400mg. Is there any difference?

What is a liposomal vitamin c supplement?

This term is not as complicated as it sounds. It refers to the delivery procedure of vitamin c supplements into the body. The supplement is incapsulated in lipid forms to allow easy absorption of the nutrient. It is a faster way of absorption since the lipid mimics the phospholipid layers of the cell. That’s why it is referred to as liposomal.

We all know that one of the many functions of lipids include transportation. The fat-soluble nutrients needed by the body can travel to target cells more effectively. Therefore, taking liposomal vitamin c 1400mg can be great in the following ways:

  • Higher and effective absorption
  • Less degradation in the stomach

We have ensured that our liposomal vitamin c supplement is effective using phospholipid sunflower lecithin.

This is not to mean that other forms of natural vitamin c supplements are inefficient. What matters is that with the liposomal supplement you can get the greatest amount of nutrients necessary for your body.

We all need to maintain a healthy way of life. At herbalness.com we ensure that our products give you essential nutrients to attain and maintain optimal body function.